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School Ethos

All children learn in different ways. All our classes are taught by qualified, dedicated and caring teachers. Our teaching methods combine many different approaches and resources to inspire the children’s learning.

The School aims to provide a happy, stimulating, broad and balanced education giving each child the opportunity to flourish intellectually, socially and physically. Our family-run school provides a nurturing, inclusive and supportive environment in which every child is cared for and is valued for their unique strengths. Pupils are excited to embrace new experiences within school and are encouraged to show a positive attitude towards all aspects of learning.

The pupils are enthusiastic and confident learners who are able to think independently and work collaboratively.  We provide an extensive extra-curricular programme in order for pupils to discover their own strengths and talents, likes and dislikes.

With the ever-changing demands within society, we embed our ‘Keys to Success’ which we believe are life skills that will enable our pupils to be successful in their future. Heathfield House School’s Keys to Success are: Responsibility, Determination, Positivity, Honesty and Respect.

Class sizes are a maximum of twenty pupils to provide the individual attention on which children thrive, whilst large enough to provide opportunities for learning social skills and forming a range of relationships. A formal, structured and challenging academic curriculum is provided, enriched with more creative, physical and social aspects of learning in equal measure.

All children are regularly assessed so that their academic and personal achievements and needs are understood. Care is taken to strike the right balance for preparing children for the future and preserving their childhood.

Support is given to ensure children deal with challenges effectively. Social and pastoral care starts in lessons with circle time, and extends through the school utilising buddy systems, parental contact and external specialists when required.

Above all the school aims to provide an education which allows children to enjoy and look forward to each day as they accumulate the skills necessary to achieve success in their future school careers.