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Parents and Pupil Feedback

Parent Comments

"Heathfield House School is a vibrant, friendly School. From my first visit to the school, to my twins starting; I have been particularly impressed and delighted with the school ethos, passionate leadership team and clear vision. They embed confidence in me and have built confidence in my boys. Both have very different personalities and requirements, in which Heathfield House School has supported us in every step of the way. Heathfield House School has been transparent, student focused and truly lives their values and meets parents expectations through teamwork, accountability and making all feel welcomed, with a great learning environment. Heathfield House School gives their children a great foundation that will later support their learning and give them a strong start in life. My boys have enjoyed their journey thus far and we are extremely proud to be a part of the school."  Current Reception Parent

"Our daughter's excitement each morning is a testament to the wonderful, nurturing environment that is Heathfield House School. Since joining in Reception, our shy daughter has developed confidence and independence. She is encouraged to pursue her strengths and interests, and supported perceptively where needed. She adores the kind and caring staff, who really get to know the pupils as individuals. We were so impressed with the remote support that the school provided during the 2020 lockdown, allowing our daughter to stay connected to her class both educationally and socially. We cannot recommend the school highly enough. " Current Year Two Parent

“Heathfield House is wonderful. Both our children are eager to visit both their friends and their teachers, which is a testament to the friendly and intimate environment the school inspires. The school instils principles of fair play and hard work, but is also willing to work with parents to accommodate the particular needs of individual children too. We’re very happy with the choice we’ve made.” Current Year One and Three Parent

"We are absolutely delighted with the start that Heathfield House has given our two children (daughter Year 9 and son Year 5). Not only has it provided a first rate and well rounded education, it has also helped create really nice, well rounded, articulate and confident children who have an interest in learning and what’s going on in the world. The teacher feedback is thorough and the open door policy with teachers and head teachers highly visible at drop off and pick up is excellent. Our children have been so happy at Heathfield House and have made great and long lasting friendships. Our daughter’s transition to secondary school was seamless as she was so well prepared by Heathfield House." Current Year Five Parent

"My two children have been at Heathfield house school since Reception and both enjoy the variety of lessons and topics that are taught through the academic year. The school is nurturing and well organised to ensure that each child has the best possible start." Current Year 3 and 4 Parent 

"Whilst a focus on academics is a given at any prep school, what sets Heathfield House apart is its work on the soft skills. We have found this to be an environment for our child, which truly encourages teamwork, self respect, caring and curiosity." Current Year 6 Parent

Children's Comments
"Heathfield House School is like another home because the playground is big and I feel very safe at school."
"All of the pupils and teachers at Heathfield House School encourage each other and are nice to everyone."
"I like how creative you can be here - all of the activities in Art are really fun."
"Our School makes us feel safe, equal and good in all different ways. We have amazing teachers to help us"  
"Heathfield House School is a community. It is a place where everyone can shine bright and be who they want to be" 
"Heathfield House School has a variety of subjects that makes me improve and challenge myself." 
"I like the fun curriculum as it challenges us so that we learn lots." 
"Heathfield House School stands out from the rest. The lessons and clubs rule. This is a great School." 

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