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Parents and Pupil Feedback

Parent Comments

"I am thoroughly content with all aspects of Heathfield House School and have felt that the level of teaching has been very appropriate for the academic year. My children love going to school which says a lot! The open door policy ensures any concerns can be raised and addressed swiftly -not that I have had much to be concerned about!"  — Year Three Parent

"My children are encouraged and challenged to be themselves and achieve their potential in whatever that might be. The school operates an open door policy for our children who feel empowered, nurtured and confident. Not a day goes by without my children running into school with energy and enthusiasm. My children are well prepared academically and socially in a happy, fun, and extremely positive environment." — Year One Parent

"We have trusted Heathfield House to educate our three, very different, children and have been delighted with the results. Each has been encouraged to develop to their strengths by the caring and passionate staff.  Most importantly, the children enjoy it! – Year Six Parent

I've sent three children through Heathfield House School who turned out happy, well rounded, children, loving going to all the fun and creative activities at school and very proud of it Heathfield House School being a part of their life." — Year Four Parent

"Our children love Heathfield House School. They are happy, confident and sociable as a result of feeling well-supported at the school. Our son is sad to be leaving, but we know will stay in touch, having made life-long friends there." — Year Six Parent

"My kids just love going to school.  We are delighted to be part of a caring and supportive community that believes a confidence, kindness and self-motivation is the foundation for academic achievement. Teachers at Heathfield House never fail to impress with their responsiveness, enthusiasm and sensitivity." — Reception Parent

Children's Comments
"If schools were diamonds, Heathfield House School would be the biggest and shiniest."  — Harry
"Heathfield House School makes me feel safe and happy. I like that we all feel like equals and are encourages to stand out, challenge ourselves and be our own person." – Tillie
"Heathfield House School is amazing as everyone is kind, plays together well, has amazing plays throughout the year, lovely teachers and tonnes of fun subjects." – Isobel
"Our school is a community that all takes care of each other." – Karolina
"HHS makes me feel safe and the pupils and teachers are kind and caring." – Ella

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